Key Informant Interviews for the Tobacco Free Project

San Francisco Department of Public Health

Project Years: 2021

The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) Tobacco Free Program (TFP) was required by the California Tobacco Control Program to complete a set of key informant interviews as an extension of their current work plan ending in 2021. SFDPH TFP needed external support in designing, conducting, and analyzing 5-7 key informant interviews with key stakeholders in local tobacco control efforts to inform the direction of TFP’s next work plan (2022-2025).

Facente Consulting collaborated with SFDPH TFP over the course of three months to identify the key goals of the key informant interview process, recruit and schedule participant interviews, conduct 20-40 minute interviews in-person or by phone, analyze data for key themes, and summarize key findings in a 3-5 page report. The results were used by SFDPH TFP to strategically shape and implement the objectives from their next work plan, including efforts to update their tobacco retail license with a minimum price policy and/or coupon restriction, pass a smoke-free mult-unit housing policy, engage youth in tobacco control work locally, and end the sale of tobacco products in San Francisco.