Welcome to Facente Consulting’s Evaluation Resource Page for Gilead Oncology’s Corporate Giving Program

TNBC Cohort Final Evaluation Report

Meeting Recordings

  • TNBC Grantee Cohort Evaluation Meeting June 27, 2023 – – View the recording here!
  • The Grantee Guide to Evaluation

    Information and guidance about the type of evaluation the Gilead Oncology Corporate Giving Program is using
    can be found in this guide, along with resources to help make it easier.

    Here is the link for downloading a Microsoft Word version of the Impact Template for your use in creating your final impact summary report.

    Evaluation Training Recordings

    Between July and November 2022, Facente Consulting offered a series of trainings on different topics to support grantees’ evaluation.
    These live trainings are posted here for anyone who was unable to attend, or wants to review them for reference.

    Completed trainings:

  • Gilead Oncology’s overarching approach to evaluation – – View the recording here!
  • Detailed training on the evaluation guide and systems – – View the recording here! (Check notes in the video description)
  • Survey design and administration – – View the recording here!
  • Using the Results-Based Accountability framework – – View the recording here and download the slides here!
  • Best practices for telling the story of your program – – View the recording here and download the associated tools here: a T.E.L.L. Overview reference guide, a T.E.L.L. Worksheet for you to work with your teams to plan your storytelling, and a handout of Facente Favorites for virtual data collection.
  • How to do a case study – – View the recording here!
  • How to develop a theory of change – – View the recording here!

  • Theory of Change

    This illustration explains why the Gilead Oncology Corporate Giving program believes these types
    of investments in our amazing grantees are the best way for us to reach our goals.

    Current Grantee?

    If you are a current grantee of the Gilead Oncology Corporate Giving Program, click here for more information about how to reach the evaluation team for your project.