Addiction and Recovery Issue Brief

Battery Powered

Project Years: 2019

Every quarter, the Battery Foundation provides grants to local organizations doing important work around a certain theme. The members receive information and education about that theme, have an opportunity to hear directly from experts in the field and leaders of organizations applying for funding, and then vote on the top organizations to receive donations. In fall 2019, they selected the theme Addiction & Recovery, and hired Facente Consulting to provide expert advice on the framing of this theme and deliver an issue brief to educate Battery Powered members.

One of the main ways that Facente Consulting influenced this project was helping Battery Powered leadership to reframe their theme around harm reduction – recognizing that addiction and recovery looks very different for different people. The framing and issue brief were well received by the membership, and were key factors in guiding the foundation to award more than $1.3 million to several deserving organizations.