Clinic Flow Analysis for the Adult-Older Adult System of Care within Behavioral Health Services

San Francisco Department of Public Health

The Community Behavioral Health Services Branch of the San Francisco Department of Public Health wanted to evolve their Adult-Older Adult System of Care, supporting mental health providers to streamline intake and see patients in need with little to no wait time. Facente Consulting was brought in to assist with documenting their current outpatient clinic flow, comparing the current situation to regulatory requirements set at the state or federal level, and gathering input from providers on a series of preliminary recommendations for modifications to the system of care to alleviate system stress.

Following a successful process to make system-wide recommendations for improvements, the Adult-Older Adult team invited Facente Consulting to facilitate their all-staff retreat, helping them to reflect on recent staffing changes, troubleshoot upcoming challenges to streamlined care, and create a vision and priorities for the future.