DeLIVER Care Van Strategic Planning

University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) – Gastroenterology

Project Years: 2021

The DeLIVER Care van is an innovative mobile program run by a hepatologist at UCSF with expertise in treating hepatitis C. The DeLIVER van takes liver care to the people who need it, and offers hepatitis C testing, fibroscan testing to screen for liver cirrhosis, and hepatitis C treatment initiation right from the street. The DeLIVER team had grown a lot since its early days as a pilot program, and wanted assistance tackling several strategic areas: addressing staff turnover and sustainability, improving financial sustainability, creating a community action board, and systematizing volunteer engagement.

Facente Consulting facilitated multiple planning meetings, including an in-person “Summit”, for the DeLIVER team to identify program strengths, opportunities, and desired future milestones. Meeting findings were summarized into a planning document, which will be used by the team inform the next phase of DeLIVER.