Development of a Survey and Report to Assess Harm Reduction Capacity in Nevada

The Larson Institute

Project Years: 2023

The syndemic of rising rates of overdose, HCV, and HIV have led to increased morbidity and mortality nationally and in the state of Nevada. Evidence-based harm reduction interventions such as syringe sevice programs (SSP), community-based naloxone distribution, and low-threshold medication-assisted treatment (MAT) reduce transmission of HIV and HCV and lower rates of accidental overdose. Nevada residents have uneven access to harm reduction interventions, with only two legal SSPs existing in the state, and relatively low levels of naloxone coverage.

The Larson Institute at the University of Nevada, Reno hired Facente Consulting to develop a survey to assess statewide harm reduction capacity in Nevada and measure providers’ willingness and ability to incorporate harm reduction interventions into their scopes of work. Facente Consulting wrote a report on the survey’s findings that featured recommendations for the state to expand harm reduction capacity.