HCV Elimination Strategic Planning

Hep C Free Allegheny

Project Years: 2019-2020

After Facente Consulting helped to plan and facilitate a two-day summit focused on hepatitis C elimination in Allegheny County (the county surrounding Pittsburgh, PA), the local Community Liver Alliance partnered with the Allegheny County Health Department to develop the first-ever strategic plan for the collective impact initiative known as “Hep C Free Allegheny,” to guide their work over the next three years.

Even before COVID-19 made “Zoom” a household word, Facente Consulting conducted the entire project virtually to save on travel costs, video conferencing into a series of planning meetings using Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and other strategies to work effectively and efficiently from thousands of miles away. We provided guidance and facilitation throughout the process, which included a three-hour meeting with the initiative’s steering committee to revise draft mission, vision, values, core strategies, and key initiatives, as well as dozens of meetings with various working groups to develop hard-hitting strategic priorities.