Online-Based Training for Syringe Services Programs (SSPs)


Project Years: 2021-2022

Due to the patchwork of legal status of syringe services programs (SSPs) and ongoing limitations on federal spending for harm reduction services, the federal government has been slow to release guidance on how to start and run SSPs in the US. This changed when the CDC released Syringe Services Programs: A Technical Package of Effective Strategies and Approaches for Planning, Design, and Implementation in 2020. The CDC subsequently funded ETR to make an online training based on the information in the technical package.

Facente Consulting worked as a subject matter expert in the design of the online training, providing insights and expertise as to how SSPs operate in various contexts. This work included reviewing and editing outlines and storyboards, administering interviews and analyzing data with SSP staff and participants, and connecting ETR staff to SSP programs willing to share photos to feature in the training.