Program Evaluation Support for HIV Programs

Shanti Project

Project Years: 2020-2021

The Shanti Project’s HIV Services Program exists to ensure that the most underserved people living with HIV in San Francisco receive the compassionate support they need to feel empowered and worthy, so they are better able to manage all aspects of their health. The program wanted an evaluation tool that would collect clients’ feedback on the program and yield data to monitor program quality and share program impacts when applying for funding.

Facente Consulting took a three-phase approach to developing evaluation tools for Shanti’s HIV Services Program: (1) background review of Shanti’s HIV program history and existing tools, (2) assessment of Shanti’s strengths through interviews with staff, partner organizations, and clients, and (3) design of a formal evaluation protocol, pilot evaluation tools, and a data analysis plan. The final deliverable was a comprehensive written evaluation plan that detailed how to implement these new tools and compile and analyze the data — ultimately building the capacity of Shanti staff to conduct their own program evaluation in the future.