Ryan White Standards of Care Overhaul

California Department of Public Health

Project Years: 2017-2018

In 2017, the California Department of Public Health embarked on a process to develop and implement revised Standards of Care for all 29 Ryan White Part B service categories (including core medical services and support services) for consistent use by counties throughout the state. The Standards of Care provide the framework against which processes and outcomes of Ryan White Part B services throughout the state are measured, define the core components of each service category, and identify eligibility criteria for each service category. Through this process, people living with HIV can be confident they will receive consistent, high-quality care regardless of their county of residence.

Facente Consulting was selected to gather, synthesize, prioritize, draft and finalize the Standards of Care for California, and work with the California Department of Public Health to roll the new standards out statewide, including co-facilitating regional trainings in 2018 on the substantially revised content in the Standards. The final product was successfully approved by the US Human Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), and the Standards are now in use in all Part B counties in California.