Development of a Food Organizing Structure for San Francisco

San Francisco Department of Public Health

Project Years: 2023-2024

San Francisco’s Food Security Task Force was funded in 2005 to advise political leaders on policy to improve food security citywide. In late 2023, a subcommittee of that task force decided to hire a consultant to help them organize and evaluate data related to structures and models for food organizing in cities across the US and develop a series of recommendations for a new food organizing model in San Francisco.

Facente Consulting began work on this project in December 2023, accompanying Food Security Task Force members to qualitative interviews of food organizers and researching, compiling, organizing, and analyzing information on food structures and food policy councils in 8-10 US cities. In 2024, we are helping to design a workplan, attending monthly subcommittee meetings, and regularly presenting findings and updates from desk research to the subcommittee members so they can ultimately select a model that is the best fit for San Francisco. By April 30, 2024, we will develop a final summary presentation on the final selected model, which the Task Force will use for presentations to city leaders.