Tobacco Free Project Evaluation Support

San Francisco Department of Public Health

Project Years: 2021-2025

The San Francisco Department of Public Health’s Tobacco Free Project needs to regularly to design, implement, and evaluate their programming funded by the California Tobacco Control Program. Their main objectives in the last round of funding were to create a smoke-free multi-unit housing policy in San Francisco, update the existing San Francisco tobacco retail license to include a minimum pricing policy and/or a policy banning discounts on commercial tobacco products, and continue to engage youth in local commercial tobacco control efforts.

Facente Consulting has been collaborating with the Tobacco Free Project since 2021 to guide, design and implement a range of evaluation activities, including data collection related to commercial tobacco and housing, key informant interviews and focus groups with local stakeholders, data collection trainings for community members, and assessment of local coalition satisfaction. We regularly report evaluation findings to the California Tobacco Control Program and periodically publish on the Tobacco Free Project (TFP) website.