Peanut Ambrocente they/them

Peanut Ambrocente

Peanut is a snuggly, snorty little pug! They live with Shelley and occasionally like to pretend they can read the MMWR. (They can’t really read.) They really are intersex, though. Shelley’s family rescued Peanut from Umbrella of Hope after a breeder had cast them off as being unsellable due to the appearance of their genitalia. They came with a whole packet of documentation about their health history, and a request from the rescue to work with them to help educate and advocate for others about being intersex. Shelley’s son said that since – unlike an intersex human – Peanut can’t tell us which gender they identify with, we needed to use they/them pronouns for Peanut. And so it is! You can follow them on Instagram as @peanutpugnut to learn more. #adoptdontshop