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Gilead Oncology Corporate Giving Program

Facente Consulting is working as the evaluation support team for Gilead Oncology’s Corporate Giving Program. In this role, we provide awardees with information, guidance, and technical assistance to help them tell the story about the impact of their programs. We’ll update this page regularly with meeting dates and times, recordings of trainings we offer, and resources that can help make evaluation tasks easier. Check back regularly!

Latest Updates

  • Gilead Oncology Clinical Trials Cohort: Theory of Change Meeting on 3/26/2024 (view recording here)
  • Gilead Oncology Clinical Trials Cohort: RBA Training & Requirements Meeting on 4/10/2024 (view recording here)
  • Gilead Oncology Clinical Trials Cohort: Performance Measure Development Discussion on 4/17/2024 (view recording here)

Evaluation Resources


  • THE Oncology Grant: Awardee Guide to Evaluation (Coming soon!)
  • Gilead Oncology’s Overarching Approach (Coming soon!)
  • Gilead Oncology’s Corporate Giving Strategy Theory of Change (Coming soon!)
  • Theory of Change training (view recording here)
  • Storytelling Best Practices (view recording here)

Getting the Most Out of RBA

Need More Assistance?


***IMPORTANT: Know your interim and final reporting deadlines. They can be found in SteepRock here.***

Overview of Reporting Requirements & How to Get Support (view the recording here and download the slides here)

Quarterly Snapshots

  • Due every 3 months starting July 1, 2023, until the end of your grant period.
  • Check back later for guidelines and templates.