Planning a Team Retreat to Support Workforce Transformation Efforts

San Francisco Community Health Center

Project Years: 2023

The San Francisco Community Health Center is a nonprofit in San Francisco that has a longstanding history as a community-based organization providing wellness services, but more recently has become established as an FQHC and experienced massive growth. In 2021 the organizational leadership declared a commitment to rethinking their workforce, including striving to pay all employees a living wage or greater, seeing employees as whole people who also need care in the workplace, and restructuring in ways that will support growth and fulfillment of current and future workers. In 2023, these efforts began to coalesce within a newly created “Workforce Transformation” functional work team.

Facente Consulting was asked to help the newly formed team plan and implement a one-day offsite retreat to help them solidify their identity, shared set of goals, and priorities for future work. We interviewed members of the current team to identify some of the most important areas for them to work on, then designed tailor-made activities that would help them confront and discuss some of their biggest challenges. Ultimately the team left the day feeling more connected, and clearer on their path forward as they guide the organization through some big changes in the next few years.