Planning and Facilitation of the Florida PrEP Institutes

San Francisco Department of Public Health

Project Years: 2017-2018

The Center for Learning and Innovation at the San Francisco Department of Public Health was asked to provide capacity-building assistance to the State of Florida through the CDC-supported Capacity-Building Assistance Providers Network (CPN). The goal of this project was to develop and pilot a series of three HIV Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) Institutes in Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, and Tallahassee.

These institutes would be tailored to healthcare organizations, and community-based organizations across the state of Florida to support them in planning and implementing comprehensive HIV PrEP programs for residents in greatest need.

The Center for Learning and Innovation contracted Facente Consulting to coordinate project partners as well as planning and development of the curriculum. We worked closely with staff at the Florida Department of Health to design the Institutes by leading weekly planning calls, developing timelines and workplans for capacity-building providers across multiple agencies, conducting ‘determination of need’ calls with local health departments, and creating  training materials for the Institutes. Facente Consulting then planned and facilitated the 3-day training and prepared a final summary report for each Institute, including a comprehensive analysis of participant evaluations immediately following the Institute and 6 months after graduation from the Institute.

  • Florida PrEP Institute, Orlando – Meeting Summary Report: FL_PrEP_Int_Orlando_Mtg_Summary.pdf
  • Florida PrEP Institute, Orlando – Evaluation Report 6 months post-Institute: FL_PrEP_Int_Orlando_6mo_EvalReport.pdf