Strategic Plan for SFDPH’s Congenital Syphilis Response

San Francisco Department of Public Health

Congenital syphilis cases in California have skyrocketed, with a complicated interplay of factors including substance use, homelessness, and gender-based violence underlying increasing numbers. The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) has made concerted efforts to contain and manage congenital syphilis in the city through a series of strategies conceived during an emergency activation in 2019. SFDPH is now slated to refocus on congenital syphilis prevention and control after the COVID-19 pandemic diverted funds from other public health efforts.

Facente Consulting was contracted to facilitate a strategic planning process around the next steps for congenital syphilis prevention and control in San Francisco for the next three years. We will talk with internal and external stakeholders to develop a landscape analysis, and then lead a planning group through a series of discussions to determine the strategic priorities for SFDPH’s efforts. The final product will be a completed strategic plan to guide the work of congenital syphilis prevention and control.