Strategic Planning to End Family Homelessness

Hamilton Families

Project Years: 2021

In 2021, while the world was reeling after the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hamilton Families embarked on a mission to develop a new strategic plan that would help them adapt their services to the changing needs of San Francisco’s unhoused families. The organization’s new CEO hired Facente Consulting to develop a three-year strategic plan that would focus on three core strategies: cultivating organizational excellence, strengthening high-impact family services during the pandemic recovery period, and designing an advocacy program to drive systemic change for the future. 

Facente Consulting collaborated with Hamilton Families’ executive team, program managers, and communication leads to explore areas of work where shifts were needed to maximize organizational impact, then led a process to develop actionable strategies to ensure that women, staff of color and LGBTQIA+ staff are seen, heard, and understood in the workplace. Facente Consulting also worked with the internal strategic planning committee to determine and prioritize key initiatives for the next three years, along with creating protocols for evaluating progress and updating the document to keep it relevant throughout the plan period.