Strategic Planning to Better Support Homeless Families

Raphael House

Project Years: 2023

Formerly a religious institution, Raphael House runs a secular family homeless shelter in a 31-room former hospital in San Francisco. After their strategic plan ended in 2021, it became clear that the organization needed support to develop a clear vision for their next phase of work, including assessing whether they should expand beyond their current model of 100% private funding to become a government-funded community-based organization with a larger budget and more robust staffing.

Facente Consulting completed a thorough environmental scan, interviewing 15 internal and external stakeholders and gathering secondary data about the housing crisis in San Francisco. We then conducted a series of strategic planning meetings with staff to explore “what can and should be,” with the explicit purpose of developing a document that can be used to seek funding that will transform the agency’s fiscal environment to support their future work.