Facente Consulting began in 2009 as a single-employee consulting company – Shelley Facente, working off her laptop on a desk in the corner of a room in her house. Thirteen years later, the company has grown to include eleven full-time employees who help us deliver a flexible, well-rounded set of skills and experience to meet any client’s needs.

Autumn Albers, MPH

Data viz fanatic and intentional community builder powered by Nespresso and baby giggles.

Katie Burk, MPH

Bicoastal harm reductionist, master plan maker, program implementer, and closeted jock.

Sara Durán, MPH

Passionate people and systems developer who appreciates alliteration, acronyms, and popcorn.

Dara Geckeler, MPH

Conceptual framework enthusiast, prone to cynicism and intensely committed to jigsaw puzzles.

Sora Han

K-drama lover and middle-of-the-night worrier trying to make peace with impermanence.

Savannah O’Neill, MSW

Harm reductionist and kind Scorpio inspired by deep friendships, baking layer cakes, and ritual.

Perry Rhodes, III, MA

Whole-hearted inamorat* of people, aligning my spirit with intention by telling stories for the voiceless.

* Inamorat is the gender-neutral form of Inamorato/Inamorata, meaning lover.

JT Taylor, MPP/MPH

Nature and cheesecake enthusiast, and believer in the healing power of human connection.

Monique Tula

Proud Black femme, Chris’ mom/ Malcom’s g-ma, artist, & servant-leader with an awakened heart.

Lady Yaya

Treat and nap lover who brings together community through long walks and vivacious tail wagging.

Peanut Ambrocente

Loud snorer, powerful snuggler, loves zoom calls and educating others about life as an intersex pug.