Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis, Microaggressions in Medical Care

Stanford Medicine

Project Years: 2019-2020

Stanford Medicine was interested in assessing the nature, frequency and impact of gendered microaggressions from patients toward physicians in their academic hospital. Facente Consulting assisted the neurosurgical fellow leading the study in analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data collected through a survey of residents, fellows, and attending physicians at the hospital. Our work included training on qualitative methods, supervision and coaching of the qualitative analysis team using Dedoose®, direct analysis, and assistance with manuscript preparation and revision.

This study found that female physicians at Stanford experienced a significantly higher frequency of gendered microaggressions from patients compared to male physicians, including questioning of their role in the hospital, disrespect of title, and use of non-professional language. Experience of microaggressions was strongly associated with reduced job satisfaction and burnout, and women in the study were more likely than men to report changing their behavior or appearance at work in response to microaggressions from patients.

Photo credit: COD Newsroom