Tobacco Program Evaluation and Implementation Support

San Francisco Community Health Center

Project Years: 2018-2023

The California Tobacco Control Program provided funding to the San Francisco Community Health Center (SFCHC) for a five-year program focused on smoking prevention in the LGBTQ+ community. SFCHC was in need of an external evaluator to support continuous quality improvement and assessment of progress towards three project objectives: (1) passing tobacco-free campus policies at three community colleges in San Mateo County; (2) passing policies banning the sale of flavored tobacco at three jurisdictions in the San Francisco Bay Area, and (3) formating and supporting the “Proudly Against Tobacco” LGBTQ+ Coalition. Under these broad objectives, SFCHC carried out numerous interventions that required partnering evaluation activities, including educational outreach, community trainings, engagement of policy-makers, and materials development.

Facente Consulting’s evaluation responsibilities included ongoing collaboration with SFCHC project coordinators and community stakeholders; design of data collection instruments such as key informant interview guides, public opinion polls, consumer testing surveys, and observational data collection forms; keeping a policy record of key policy-related events during the course of the grant period; conducting and evaluating data collection trainings with community members; collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data; and reporting all findings to SFCHC staff and the California Tobacco Control Program.