LGBTQ+ Commercial Tobacco Control Program Evaluation Support

San Francisco Community Health Center

Project Years: 2018-2023

From 2018-2023, the San Francisco Community Health Center (SFCHC) was funded to support policy, educational, and research activities to reduce commercial tobacco-related disparities in the Bay Area Region LGBTQ+ community. SFCHC hired Facente Consulting to evaluate their work in three project areas: (1) commercial tobacco-related policies for community college campuses; (2) policy regarding the sale of flavored commercial tobacco products; and (3) maintenance of a regional LGBTQ+ coalition.

As the project’s evaluator, Facente Consulting conducted key informant interviews with policymakers, LGBTQ+ community leaders, and other key stakeholders, and designed and implemented public opinion polls, facilitated community data collector trainings, and monitored policy progress in local jurisdictions. Facente Consulting was also responsible for analyzing, visualizing, and reporting evaluation data to SFCHC staff and the funder.