Development of a Comprehensive Program Evaluation for a Neighborhood-Wide Community Program

Tenderloin Community Benefit District

Project Years: 2019-2020

After many years of working to improve the lives of residents in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco, the Tenderloin Community Benefit District (TLCBD) was interested in building its capacity for evaluation of its programs to ensure greatest possible impact. Facente Consulting was selected to help TLCBD create a theory of change for their work, learn the Results-Based AccountabilityTM (RBA) framework for evaluation, and develop an evaluation map to guide their future program evaluations. 

The project began with interactive workshops at the annual board and staff retreats, to orient the team to RBA and begin to think through how it could support TLCBD’s work. Facente Consulting then provided in-depth, hands-on RBA training to staff, and led a process to develop metrics for their programs based on the changes they wanted to see in the neighborhood as a result of their efforts. Throughout this process, Facente Consulting led TLCBD through several cycles of data collection, interpretation, and process improvement, and left them with a full set of evaluation metrics, tools to measure them, and a quality improvement system for both staff experience and neighborhood impact.